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Commitment to Change
Part I: What are Errors in Thinking?

Part II: Two Crucial Errors

Part III: Overcoming Errors in Thinking
Copyright 1994.
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A Comprehensive Program...

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Commitment to Change Videos IV, V and VI: 'Tactics--Habits that Block Change'
Copyright 2000.

Tactics are ways of resisting change. For inmates and others in counseling, treatment, or any program for change, awareness of Tactics can reduce resistance and open the door to learning. For staff training, this knowledge is invaluable.

CONTENT: Filmed live in a state prison, Dr. Stanton Samenow interacts with incarcerated men and women. They confront concrete examples of these truths: Thoughts trigger actions. Errors in thinking trigger Tactics. Tactics are ways of acting that cut off communication and allow us to hide from ourselves, shutting out those who would help us change. Tactics help to keep people stuck in dead-end lives.

The Complete Instruction Program Includes:
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Commitment to Change Videos VII, VIII and IX: 'The Power of Consequences'

This is the third set of tapes in the Commitment to Change Series. Filmed with drug using offenders from residential treatment programs, this series focuses on how to help offenders change their thinking so that they consider consequences BEFORE they act. As with the earlier series,these are three full-length videos divided into individual sessions.

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Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Overcoming Errors in Thinking

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Accepting Responsibility In a Finger-Pointing World

In the newest installment, Accepting Responsibility In a Finger-Pointing World, Dr. Stanton Samenow explores the concepts of justification of thinking errors with a group of ex-offenders who are currently in recovery.

The series includes:

Three full-length DVDs and accompanying curriculum (which includes discussion questions, workbook questions, activities and roleplays, all based on the series).

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Fear: The Anger Trigger

A three-part DVD series (June, 2010) with workbook presenting a new approach to anger that is in stark contrast to "anger management" programs. Available from FMS Productions. Free previews available: 1-800-421-4609

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