Concept of the Month -- July 2002

Can An Agent of Change be Both a Counselor and a "Cop"?

It has been asserted that if you have powers of an authority (e.g., disciplinarian) such as being a probation officer or counselor in a correctional institution, this role is incompatible with psychotherapeutic work.  This is absolutely not true.

If your client/resident is not breaking laws or regulations, he or she has nothing to fear.  The work of the change agent focuses mainly upon identifying and correcting errors of thinking. A person is not in legal or other difficulty because of his or her thoughts.  It is possible for the antisocial client simply to cease engaging in arrestable/rule breaking conduct.  In terms of establishing a responsible base in life, that individual will make mistakes due to lack of experience.  There is a significant difference between mistakes and violations.  A change agent who has enforcement authority actually has a sort of leverage in the change process that therapists in many settings lack.  In working with antisocial clients, this leverage is important.

Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D.

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