Concept of the Month -- December 2008

A "Non-concept" but Information, Nonetheless, for December...

I have been asked a number of times questions about my series of videotapes/DVDs and workbook curricula that are in both English and Spanish.
These consist of four sets of three videotapes/CDs with accompanying workbooks. These are used directly in working with offenders to help them become aware of their thinking errors and tactics and to make changes in their lives that are essential to live responsibly. The content is presented in a straightforward style with instructions and examples that offenders relate to directly. These materials are being used in correctional facilities (including county jails, prisons, and even "supermax" facilities) for adults and juveniles as well as in substance abuse treatment programs, in mental health programs , and in community corrections. They are also used in some educational institutions. The workbooks can be reproduced again and again without further cost to the purchaser of the materials.

It is possible to preview these materials at no cost. The producer is FMS Productions in Georgetown, Texas. You can obtain information directly by phoning 1-800-421-4609 or going to the FMS Productions Web site.

Comments or questions are welcome through e-mail: samenow AT cox DOT net

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